Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, one plus to having a baby who eats every 1 to 2 to max 3 hours is that my boobs are pretty much never engorged.  I haven't had to wear a bra the whole time, which is good since I hate wearing bras and they can lead to blocked milk ducts.  Also I'm hoping that means I won't have saggy boobs after I stop breastfeeding.  There does have to be a plus.
Three nights ago we had a great night -- 5 hrs then 4 1/2.  But, then back to the normal.  We entertained the good night, but we had people over the next night too and no luck.  Two nights ago we had a night of eating like every two hours, then Regis was up at five am to go to the hospital for knee surgery, then Dominic the dog was up at six am to go out since he has decided not to poop on our walks but on his own schedule and then I heard McNolte the other dog throwing up at seven am.  Can no one cooperate and hold it together in my time of need?

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