Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby Food Cafe

I read about this restaurant where they serve homemade organic baby food to your table.  Neko and I had to check this out.  They definitely didn't nail it.  First of all, the baby food takes 45 minutes, the adult food comes quickly.  Not quite sure what they are thinking.  We ordered some food to take after my lunch.  They served it in a bowl just as we were ready to go.  Their only size is a large soup bowl so you'd have to go with like 15 babies to eat it all.  We got it to go though and I'm psyched to try it. We got carrot and broccoli.  Neko has gotten a little funny about eating.  She is not that into eating from a spoon anymore, she wants to feed herself, but she isn't quite there.  She can't get a spoon with food into her mouth, just the spoon.  She can pick up small pieces of banana and avacado but she doesn't bring them to her mouth.  She loves to suck on pretzels and toast or hard bread so I try to put hummus on it for a few nutrients.  Today I put a half a banana in her hand and she did seem to gum that and eat quite a bit.  In the restaurant, she was sucking on broccoli and eating little bits at the restaurant so I may try more of that.  She has no teeth though so it is scary to give her stuff. 

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