Thursday, April 22, 2010

Onion Cold Cure

We had great success last night with a home remedy suggested by a friend.  Neko has been very stuffed up and we have had desperate nights as she can't get enough to eat and so has been waking frequently. I almost ferberized her the other night. I just didn't have the energy to feed her two hours after she'd just eaten and even after eating she was crying which is very unusual. I dragged the pak-n-play downstairs and was going to just let her cry all night once and for all (more about another friend's experience with The Dream Team and Crying Cure in another post), but when I got back upstairs Regis with his gimpy leg had managed to get her up and quiet her until I could deal again.  So last night, we put the two legs of the co-sleeper on books so that she could sleep at an incline and chopped an onion and put it by the bed.  Was a little gross smelling all night, but we all had a much better sleep than we have had in days. I thought the smell might induce some strange dreams, but not so last night. I highly recommend it. My friend got the idea from her naturapath pediatrician. We also use AYR Saline Nasal Gel which seems to get the nose running and boogers out. I have yet to use the Nosefrida my pediatrician, Dr. John Snyder (until St. Vincent's let him go boo hoo) had me buy. I'm kind of scared.  Check it out and read the reviews, pretty hilarious. 

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