Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Well, for bad mouthing my husband I was punished.  He is currently immobilized on crutches so now I really am responsible for the whole household.  It's exhausting, but kind of fulfilling to just feel utterly spent physically at the end of a day.  Today in mommy/baby yoga during the relaxation we had our legs up the wall and Neko was nursing and they started playing either James Taylor or Cat Stevens, the song where it goes, "we've got time . . . " and I started crying a little. I just realized how precious the time is with this baby, how quickly it goes.  But we will have a lot of quality time, I just need to appreciate every minute.  Even if I die when my mom did at 54, I'll still have almost 20 years with her.  And if the promise of the vegan diet we've been feeding the boys is true then they should live another 15 years, so we do have time as a family.  But, I really want to just savor every bit and I guess the sadness is that this is impossible.  We are so lucky right now being all together.

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