Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diaper Debate

I'm currently debating the cloth diaper thing.  I found an eco-friendly cloth diaper service in NYC but it is a little bit expensive, 30 dollars a week which is about 4x as much as for our somewhat eco-friendly disposable diapers.  It uses the fold-up kind which I've been experimenting as a friend of my mom's gave us some at Neko's shower which are from a service in North Carolina where she lives.  There are a few problems -- they are bulkier and don't seem that comfortable with the cotton the strappy closure thing and the plastic cover, you definitely have a much more face-to-face experience of poop, although that may be because we don't have a disposal bin for them, but most of all you have to change them every time the baby wets, which as it turns out is like every two hours.  With the disposables we only use like 4-5 diapers a day.  So that alone is untenable.  But as a green mom blog pointed out the fact that my disposables are 60 percent biodegradable is a moot point because you'd have to take them apart and separate that part out to get it to biodegrade.  So, I've ordered a couple of the all-in-one organic diapers to see what that is like.  They are super expensive. A pack of 24 of the Bum Genius ones was over 500 dollars but supposedly they are adjustable so you just have to buy them once so over two years (but almost taking that long) you would save money. There is actually a big market for resale of these, surprisingly.  It would be great not to be adding to our ridiculous amounts of garbage as we order in twice a day plus coffees which makes me sick.  And they are pretty cute and comfy looking, the all-in-one diapers.

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