Saturday, April 24, 2010

So tired

Why are we the only people whose baby awakes every three hours all night (that's the good part of the night, the bad part moves to like an hour and a half).  I just don't know what we are doing so wrong and I don't want to do the crying cure as I know she can cry all night, I don't logically know why it would work. I would simply take from that that my parents don't give a s--t about me. 
We went to a really fun movement class yesterday.  Apparently you are not supposed to prop your baby up to sit until they can get into that position themselves.  Whoops, meanwhile we've been letting her sit and play or sit with us on the couch hours every day. Supposedly for proper development the baby should be on the bare floor bare-legged with lots of tummy time most of the time.  Neko is a little behind on both her crawling and babbling, so maybe it is because we retarded her development.  The teacher said she can catch up in no time with three days of practice. Or she could be getting brain damage from lack of sleep. Today she is just waking from her second half hour nap.  What to do?

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