Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ferberizing Everyone

Starting on her nine month birthday and because I needed to take some NyQuil in order to stop coughing we decided to try to ignore the 3hr after bed time wake/feeding which is usually around midnight.  The first night she cried for about 15-20 minutes and then didn't wake up again until close to 5am.  In the past these attempts had always failed as she would cry for over an hour and then we would give up and feed her anyway.  Then last night, the second night of our new regime, I don't believe she woke up at midnight at all and didn't wake up for feeding until after 4am.  I say "don't believe" as I have quarantined myself in the guest bedroom with two doors slid shut between me and the family so that I can cough to my heart's content without waking the baby.  At 6am, one of our dogs went downstairs and barked to be let out.  Having seen his digestion from the day before I determined that it wasn't a diarhea issue and decided to ferberize him as well.  He eventually came back up and went to sleep.  What a success!  I did have some leaf throw up to clean up later that morning, but it was well worth not having to get up.

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