Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Liquid Gold

A friend gave me some surplus milk she had that she wasn't going to get to before it went bad (3 months in a normal freezer).  It has been such a lifesaver.  Especially this week when I have been sick and have had to take some decongestants that dry you up, it has been great to have an extra bottle to use over the course of a day.  I mix her milk with some vegetable broth that I made from the baby food book that was given to me with the Beaba and just have a big bottle to use as a supplement all day.  It has been such a lifesaver.  And it has helped me to feel free to have a babysitter as I know I won't be depleting my store to zero.  I am so thankful!  I'm not sure why she produces so much.  She has an electric pump but so do a lot of people.  I just use a handheld as my schedule hasn't required much pumping. She started pumping a lot from the beginning so maybe upped it then and it has just kept up.  I'm not sure but I am glad.  She tried to donate it, but said she didn't have much luck. There are some programs that do that, but I think only in some places.

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