Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Flying with Baby

Well, traveling with Neko has gotten considerably more difficult.  She is so much more mobile on the plane.  We were flying from New York to Vancouver and spent an hour on the tarmac before takeoff.  Around five hours in I almost screamed, "Are we there yet?" at Regis.  The nice thing is, for her it is a normal day just without naps. But she is so active it isn't like she is couped up so at least I don't feel badly about that.  But for us it is so much harder.  She doesn't let you read or have earplugs in or eat or drink so you are sort of stuck wrestling her the entire trip. She did sleep like 40 minutes.  I watched Date Night though which was funnyish.  Tina Fey had a funny part where she said she didn't want to leave her husband for another man, she just sometimes imagines being alone.  Like being in a hotel room with AC and a sprite and a chance to eat her lunch with no one touching her.  I could totally relate yesterday. I think Morrissey nursed like 55 times yesterday!  I was going to lose it.

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