Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ring! Ring!

My mom had a series of baby development journals for each month of the first year of life.  They were cutting edge research for 1973 and apparently my mom valued them greatly. My dad found most of them for me and I've been reading them.  Surely there are many things one could not do to a baby these days, but there is actually a lot of interesting information.  They are always quite advanced in terms of what they say a baby can do.  For example, the ten month journal says that your baby is probably racing you to the phone and beating you to it, answering and babbling into the phone.  Now that doesn't seem likely for a ten month old, but besides that, I realized that Neko will have such a different relation to the phone than we did.  For one, it is not in the same place ever, it is much less obvious when we are on the phone and we so rarely talk on it.  She thinks it is just for pressing.  She is much more attracted to blackberries than to iPhones as they have buttons.  Regis had the clever idea to recycle old technology into working baby toys, with different software for babies.  So clever.

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